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Custom Mix up to 16 audio tracks - $180 / song

Custom Mix up to 48 audio tracks - $240 / song

Custom Mix up to 90 audio tracks - $320 / song

All mixes include

Hybrid Mixing using analog & digital gear ........

Hybrid Mastering ...............................................

2 free rounds of revisions...................................

A Capella Mix

Instrumental Mix

High-Quality WAV & Mp3 Mixdown

How Does It Work?

Click on "Buy Now" and make your order.

Next, purchase a "Mixing Add-On" if needed (for example Express Service or Vocal Editing).

Upload your files. Once you have sent me all the audio files, I will first check that everything opens up correctly and look through the material for any

obvious mistakes or missing files.

If everything looks good, I will start working on your song while keeping you updated on the progress.

You'll receive your fully mixed song within 5-7 business days.

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you automatically agree to my Terms & Conditions

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Mixing Add-Ons


(Clean Version)

Clean up profanity in your mixes for radio play removing swear word using basic cuts and effects.

Processed Stem Export

Receive the stems from your mixed session with all of Philip's editing, processing, effects, automation and volume adjustments.

Vocal Editing

Correct the pitch and tighten up the timing of your lead and backing vocals.

Autotune, Melodyne, Vocalign - you name it!

Get that supertight radio-ready vocal sound!

Performance Export

​Removes lead vocals for a mix that can be used for live performances.

Stem Replacement

For stem replacement or adding of stems after a mix has been started, there will be a fee of $3 per stem.

Purchase 1 round of revisions

You can request one round of revisions at a time per project.

Each round of revisions can have an unlimited number of individual changes.

Express Service 

3 business days

Get your song back in

3 business days

(Monday to Friday)

USD 50

VIP Service

48 hours

Get your song back in 48 hours. Even on weekends!

USD 100




I believe in keeping my clients happy. If you are unsatisfied with your results, I'm more than willing to make any small changes and adjustments free of charge.

For bigger adjustments you will be able to use your "Free Revisions" or order a revision add-on.

For stem replacement, there will be a revision fee of $3 per stem.

For revisions to a mix after the final files have been delivered, there will be a revision fee of $50.


Unfortunately, I do NOT make refunds. By making an order at, you automatically agree to my Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy.


If you have any questions please e-mail me at

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