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 10+ years experience 

 1000+ songs mixed & mastered 

 100+ clients per year 


Prices are tailored on a project-by-project basis and depend on track count, need for editing, vocal tuning etc.

Sessions can be quite different in track count and complexity so please make an inquiry and get a custom quote and timeslot for your mixing session.

All packages include

- Hybrid Mixing using some of the finest analog gear available
- 3 rounds of revisions (additional revisions are $50/each - usually two rounds of revisions are enough to achieve

a perfect mix)
- Analog Mastering
- Acapella Mix
- Instrumental Mix
- High-Quality Mp3 & WAV Mixdown  



Contact Philip to discuss the direction of your music, how many songs you're looking to get mixed, etc. and get a quote.



Philip will personally mix your music. This is the real-deal major label mix job and comprises the bulk of Phil's day to day business. There is absolutely no quality difference between a mix for a major label vs. an indie/unsigned artist. 



After all details are sorted out you will receive a Paypal link where you can book the session.



Now you'll have the chance to listen to the mix for a couple of days in your own listening environment and tell Philip if there's anything you'd like to change and he'll revise and tweak the mix according to your mix notes.



After payment is received, you'll be given a link where you can upload your audio files. 



This is the moment you've been waiting for. You will receive your release-ready final master in different file formats. All mix passes (main, instrumental, a cappella, clean) are included.

We have just finished our new 10 song album with Phil. Phil has done a wonderful job on our songs, giving them a nice fat analogue sound. We were able to concentrate on the writing and recording knowing Phil’s mixing skills would get that pro sound we all want. Having that pressure off made the whole process so much more enjoyable. Our next album will definitely be coming back here for the Hybrid treatment!! Highly recommended!!
Thanks Phil, you’re the man!!


Rex Bond,

Producer & Musician & Lead Singer

Mixing Add-Ons

Processed Stem Export

Receive the stems from your mixed session with all of Philip's editing, processing, effects, automation and volume adjustments.

Performance Export

​Removes lead vocals for a mix that can be used for live performances.

Stem Replacement

For stem replacement or adding of stems after a mix has been started, there will be a fee of $3 per stem.

Express Service 

3 business days

Get your song back in

3 business days

(Monday to Friday)

USD 100

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VIP Service

48 hours

Get your song back in 48 hours. Even on weekends!

USD 250

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(Clean Version)

Clean up profanity in your mixes for radio play removing swear word using basic cuts and effects.

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